CTLC 2023 Call for Proposals

CTLC 2023 Conference - Call for Proposals Update

There is still time to submit your proposals for CTLC 2023! We are especially looking for more poster sessions. In this virtual environment, posters are short (about 15-minute) presentations pre-recorded on an interesting topic or practical application for libraries. They do not have to be fully related to the conference theme. If you have worked on a project or have something unique to highlight, we are interested in hearing from you!

The form for submitting your proposal can be found at https://forms.gle/tkc31yru1bbeJRqs9. Please submit your proposal by Wednesday, May 3, 2023.

We are also seeking a long-form workshop related to the theme of “Doing More with Less,” as described below, to be presented the morning of July 27th. Please email questions and proposals for the Pre-Conference Workshop to Tom Rohrig at tom.rohrig@ttu.edu.

Cross Timbers Library Conference 2023

Inflation and Innovation: Doing More with Less

Virtual: July 27-28, 2023

Registration: https://ct-lc.org/register

Libraries are all dealing with rising prices, yet we are still expected to maintain high standards of service. What do we do when funding or resource changes occur without our consent? How do we pivot to make wise choices for our particular audience? We also encourage you to submit proposals that would be of interest to recent graduates, new librarians, or the role of professional organizations (TLA, ALA, ACRL) and how they can benefit librarians.

Our primary goal is to promote information sharing, awareness of successful programs, and an affordable training opportunity for libraries in the region. Please consider:

  • How does funding affect your services overall? What do you do to adapt?
  • How do you manage time when more projects are put on your to do list?
  • What programs have been successful? What programs were not successful? Why?
  • What technology have you been able to implement? How did that process go?
  • What programs, services, or technological innovations have made you excited about libraries recently? Why?

Questions about Proposals? Contact us at Anna.Wodny@tamuc.edu.